AMI-SME is a EU-funded project that aims to structure and automate the identification, gathering and analysis of market information. It is designed to support the internationalisation process of small and medium-sized enterprises. 13 research and company partners from five European countries participate in the development of a methodological toolbox and an Internet search tool.

The project description is available in all the languages of the participants, using the flags on the upper right side. The project duration has been from November 2004 to January 2007.

AMI-SME designed and implemented a software prototype for a domain model assisted Internet search with integrated document storage and knowledge organisation. AMI-SME software supports systematic search activities that go beyond single-step retrieval.

AMI-SME combines search engines that are available on the Internet with a flexible storage system for documents and knowledge items obtained from a search. Such an ontology based search and storage system makes Internet search more intelligent and aligns it closely to the users’ demand.

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